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Only text data files are provided from this web site (the original .dat and .cell files are provided from TAIR). To download files, click a right-side button and choose "save file"(for Windows) or click with control button and choose "save file" (for Mac). After downloading, open a text file with a software, e.g., Microsoft EXCEL, and you will find a large table that includes data of hybridization signals. Experimental information (and definitions of data files) is described in an attached Excel worksheet, which follows the TAIR's data-submission guidelines. Please consult about details of the values in the data with data_analysis_fundamentals_manual in the Affymetix's web site.



Goda's data (part 1)

Early responses to seven phytohormones (IAA, ABA, ACC, brassinolide, GA3, MeJA, zeatin)
Wild-type seedlings were treated with phytohormones for 30 min, 1 h or 3h.
det2 or ga1-5 seedlings were treated by brassinolide or GA3 for 30 min, 1 h or 3h.
    Kiba's data
Response of WT and transgenic (overexpressors of ARR21 or 22) seedlings to zeatin
    Nakabayashi's data
Seed germination triggered by imbibition (24 h)
ABA treatment during seed germination
    Preston's data
Seed germination upon imbibition (up to 3 h)
    Maruyama's data
Time course of sulfur starvation (2, 4, 8, 12, 24 h)
    Yamauchi's data
Vernalization of seeds (Cold-triggered seed germination)
WT seedlings were imbibed with water at 22˚C or 4˚C for 96 h.
    Li's data
GA treatment upon seed germination (GA-triggered seed germination)
ga1-3 seeds were treated with GA4 for 3, 6 or 9 h
    Goda's data (part 2)
Responses to brassinosteroids
Wild-type seedlings were treated with brassinosteroids (intermediates).
    Goda's data (part 3)
  Responses to hormone inhibitors
Wild-type seedlings were treated with hormone inhibitors for 3h or 12 h.
    Goda's data (part 4)
  Comparison of hormone-related mutants with WT


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