ID C0022  
Compound name 1,4-Butanediamine
Stereochemistry -
Aracyc name Putrescine
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Mass information 1st experiment  :  GC-TOF/MS
2nd experiment  :  CE-TOF/MS (Cation analysis)
Molecular Formula H14C4N2
Canonical SMILES C([N+])CCC[N+]
Molecular Weight 88.152
Pathway Information spermine and spermidine degradation III,
putrescine degradation IV,
superpathway of polyamine biosynthesis,
putrescine biosynthesis II,
spermidine biosynthesis I,
putrescine biosynthesis I
CAS ID 110-60-1
Synonym diaminobutane; 1,4-diaminobutane; 1,4-butanediamine; tetramethylenediamine; putrescine
External ID CHEBI:326268, PUBCHEM:3452892, LIGAND-CPD:C00134