ID C0056  
Compound name AMP
Stereochemistry -
Aracyc name AMP
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Mass information 1st experiment  :  
2nd experiment  :  CE-TOF/MS (Anion analysis)
Molecular Formula H12P1N5C10O7
Canonical SMILES C3(N(C1(C(C(C(O1)COP([O-])([O-])=O)O)O))C2(=C(C(=NC=N2)N)N=3))
Molecular Weight 347.224
Pathway Information PRPP biosynthesis I,
fatty acid biosynthesis (plant mitochondria),
adenine and adenosine salvage VI,
biotin-carboxyl carrier protein assembly,
molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis II (eukaryotes),
gluconeogenesis I,
adenine and adenosine salvage II,
asparagine biosynthesis I,
L-glutamine biosynthesis II (tRNA-dependent),
trans-cinnamoyl-CoA biosynthesis,
IAA degradation V,
ethanol degradation II (cytosol),
arginine biosynthesis I,
IAA degradation IV,
fatty acid activation,
selenate reduction,
IAA biosynthesis VII,
4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis V,
tetrapyrrole biosynthesis I,
flavonoid biosynthesis,
indole-3-acetyl-amino acid biosynthesis,
glutamine biosynthesis III,
ethanol degradation IV (peroxisomal),
glycolysis I,
asparagine biosynthesis III (tRNA-dependent),
jasmonoyl-amino acid conjugates biosynthesis I,
molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis,
pyridine nucleotide cycling (plants),
scopoletin biosynthesis,
jasmonic acid biosynthesis,
adenosine nucleotides degradation I,
fatty acid beta-oxidation II (core pathway),
simple coumarins biosynthesis,
sulfate reduction II (assimilatory),
pantothenate biosynthesis,
sporopollenin precursor biosynthesis,
urea cycle,
thiamine biosynthesis II,
starch degradation II,
NAD biosynthesis I (from aspartate),
citrulline-nitric oxide cycle,
beta-alanine biosynthesis II,
arginine biosynthesis II (acetyl cycle),
suberin biosynthesis,
linoleate biosynthesis I (plants),
trans-zeatin biosynthesis,
tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis II,
purine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis II,
phenylpropanoid biosynthesis,
6-hydroxymethyl-dihydropterin diphosphate biosynthesis I,
purine nucleotide metabolism (phosphotransfer and nucleotide modification),
tRNA charging
CAS ID 302-72-7
Synonym A; adenosine-5'-phosphate; adenosine-phosphate; 5'-AMP; adenosine-monophosphate; adenylic acid; AMP; adenosine 5'-monophosphate; adenylate; 5'-adenylic acid; 5'-adenosine monophosphate; adenosine 5'-phosphate
External ID CHEBI:456215, PUBCHEM:15938965, PUBCHEM:15938965, LIGAND-CPD:C00020, NCI:20264