ID C0244  
Compound name Sucrose
Stereochemistry D-Sucrose
Aracyc name Sucrose
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Mass information 1st experiment  :  compound_URL_list_20130127_edit.txtLC-Q-TOF/MS (Negative ion mode), GC-TOF/MS
2nd experiment  :  compound_URL_list_20130127_edit.txtLC-Q-TOF/MS (Negative ion mode)
Molecular Formula H22O11C12
Canonical SMILES C(O)C1(C(O)C(C(CO)O1)O)OC2(C(O)C(C(O)C(CO)O2)O)
Molecular Weight 342.299
Pathway Information stachyose biosynthesis,
fructan degradation,
stachyose degradation,
galactose degradation III,
superpathway of sucrose and starch metabolism II (photosynthetic tissue),
sucrose degradation III,
UDP-glucose biosynthesis (from sucrose),
ajugose biosynthesis II (galactinol-independent),
sucrose biosynthesis I
CAS ID 8027-47-2, 92004-84-7, 57-50-1
Synonym Glc(α1<->2β)Fru; sugar; saccharose; Glc(α1->2β)Fru; α-D-glucopyranosyl β-D-fructofuranoside
External ID LIGAND:C00089, CHEBI:17992, PUBCHEM:5988, LIGAND-CPD:C00089, NCI:406942