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Date Version information
2012.8.17 2.06 Correlation experiment list fixed. UI fixed.
2012.7.4 2.05 Bug fixed.
2012.5.21 2.04 Added the sort (by p-value or q-value) to results of t-test for each probe sets.
2009.12.7 2.03 Data fixed.
[Sasaki E, Takahashi C, Asami T and Shimada Y. (2011) AtCAST, a tool for exploring gene expression
similarities among DNA microarray experiments using networks., Plant Cell Physiol., 52:169-180.
2009 2.02β Data fixed.
2009 2.01β Data fixed.
2009.7.23 2.00β We released beta version of the new tool for analysing user own experiments.