ID AT4G16515  
Gene name root meristem growth factor 6
Description Encodes a root meristem growth factor (RGF). Belongs to a family of functionally redundant homologous peptides that are secreted, tyrosine-sulfated, and expressed mainly in the stem cell area and the innermost layer of central columella cells. RGFs are required for maintenance of the root stem cell niche and transit amplifying cell proliferation. Members of this family include: At5g60810 (RGF1), At1g13620 (RGF2), At2g04025 (RGF3), At3g30350 (RGF4), At5g51451 (RGF5), At4g16515 (RGF6), At3g02240 (RGF7), At2g03830 (RGF8) and At5g64770 (RGF9).
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