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Date Version information
2016.3.15 3.1.beta A new function "Search experiments by differently expressed genes (DEGs)" added.
Statistic information page renewal with improved annotations
MA plot to show the selection of modules
93 RNA-seq experiments added.
Speed up of calculation (x10)
and more
2015.10.15 3.04 414 Microarray experiments added.
2015.8.12 3.03 A probrem about generating some pages in user analysis solved.
This was because of an update of RSQLite that is used via R scripts.
2015.4.16 3.02 User analyses run on a job queueing system to prevent overflow..
Bug (Recognition of AGI code sometimes fails) fixed.
2015.3.23 3.01 Input of Microsoft Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) is supported.
Bug (Input of user data from Windows fails) fixed.
2014.7.10 3.00 Bug fixed. Released.
[Kakei Y and Shimada Y. (2015) AtCAST3.0 Update: A Web-Based Tool for Analysis of Transcriptome Data
by Searching Similarities in Gene Expression Profiles., Plant Cell Physiol., 56 (1): e7.
2014.2.10 3.00β Renewal version.
7000+ public microarray data were added.
AtCAST3.0 supports muilti-platform of DNA Microarray data, i.e. Affimetrix AG, ATH1
and Arabidopsis Gene 1.1 ST Array chips.
Input of RNA-seq count data is also supported.
GO term enrichment analysis of Modules is added.
UI and Visual design of network graph was changed.
2012.8.17 2.06 Correlation experiment list fixed. UI fixed.
2012.7.4 2.05 Bug fixed.
2012.5.21 2.04 Added the sort (by p-value or q-value) to results of t-test for each probe sets.
2009.12.7 2.03 Data fixed.
[Sasaki E, Takahashi C, Asami T and Shimada Y. (2011) AtCAST, a tool for exploring gene expression
similarities among DNA microarray experiments using networks., Plant Cell Physiol., 52:169-180.
2009 2.02β Data fixed.
2009 2.01β Data fixed.
2009.7.23 2.00β We released beta version of the new tool for analysing user own experiments.

"To-Do" list

  • (2014. 10. 14)Prepare the result of GOE analysis with html table
  • (2014. 10. 14)Add control/sample name in "Statistical Infomation" page
  • (2015. 4. 16)Make download link of expression data from "Analysis result" page
  • (2015. 4. 16)Make download link of promoter sequences from
    "Analysis result:Information of module " page